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Alex Sigal - PI


Tel: (27) 031 260 4589

PhD: Weizmann Institute of Science with Uri Alon

Postdoc: Caltech with David Baltimore


Gil Lustig - Senior Scientist


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Gil obtained her PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science on the role of phospholipase D in cancer cell signalling and did her postdoc on the factors involved in the pathogenesis of Trichomonas vaginalis. She is interested in understanding the role of cell-to-cell spread of HIV in creating a reservoir of infection and the possible interactions with other STIs.


Deeqa Mahamed - Postdoc


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Deeqa received her PhD in Immunology and Infectious Diseases from Cornell University, studying Toxoplasma gondii virulence. She is interested in understanding the conditions under which Mycobacterium tuberclosis escapes from macrophage control.



Laurelle Jackson - PhD student


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Laurelle completed her Honours and Masters degrees in Biochemistry the University of KwaZulu-Natal and did her research on vaccine strategies to trypanosomosis. She is interested in what determines the patterns of HIV evolution to drugs.

Mikael Boullé - Postdoc


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Mikael did his medical studies at Bordeaux and Tübingen Universities. He is interested in understanding the timing of of HIV infection when multiple infections occur per cell.

Melanie Isele - PhD student


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Melanie did her Bachelor and Masters degrees at the University of Vienna and a stint at the Department of Biosystems
Science and Engineering at the ETH Zurich. She is interested in the source of the CNS viral reservoir.

Shi-Hsia Hwa - PhD student


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Shi-Hsia did her undergraduate degree at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, and Masters at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She then worked at Inviragen/Takeda Vaccines. She is interested in the role of antibodies in modulating TB infection.

Ntombi Ntshuba - Research Nurse


Tel: (27) 031 260 4941

Ntombi is our research nurse in charge of studies that involve obtaining CSF, lymphoid tissue, blood samples.

Lance Oom - Senior Intern, SURF Program


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Lance is a Mechanical Engineering undergrad at UKZN. He is interested in understanding Mycobacterium tuberculosis dynamics at the level of the individual macrophage by using timelapse microscopy and image analysis.

Prosper Mubhau - Intern, SURF Program


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Prosper is an undergrad in Computer Engineering at UKZN. He is interested in image analysis approaches.

Myshnee Naicker - Intern, SURF Program


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Myshnee did her Honours at UKZN and is currently doing her Masters in Microbiology. She is interested in understanding reservoirs of TB.

Sanisha Rampersad - Intern, SURF Program


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Sanisha is currently doing her Honours degree at UKZN. She is interested in understanding reservoirs of TB.

Oana Catinas - Intern, SURF Program


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Oana is currently transitioning to microbiology as part of our SURF program.









Cecilia Costiniuk - Senior Medical Intern


Current: Research Physician at McGill University Health Centre


Andrew Young - HHMI Medical Fellow


Current: Yale Medical School

Sabrina  Dähling - Masters student


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Current: Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology, Berlin

Thorsten  Müller - Masters student


Tel: (27) 031 260 4197

Current: Technical University Munich

Rose Mbaye - African Leadership Acadamy/K-RITH undergraduate intern


Current: University of Rochester